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Private Stone Manor Estate, Bergen County, New Jersey

In this profession, there is nothing more rewarding than taking on a project like this. The client had purchased a old 1950 brick ranch house. There was no question the ranch house needed to be demolished. Upon examination of the existing foundation I was pleasantly surprised to see that the basement and concrete foundation walls were not only in excellent condition, but imposed no limitations or design constraints upon the architect's ultimate vision for what would sit a newly erected English Manor Style Manson. Thus began the exploration by the client and myself into historic precedence researching century old castles and palaces throughout England, Italy, and France. The ultimate design solution for this house was the result of carefully articulated traditional details, time-honored architectural proportions, and a strong conviction to classicistic styling of our cultured ancestors. The ultimate design evokes a simplified version of Beaux-Arts architectural principals, along with soft undertones of classical Greek and Roman stylistic vocabulary.

Stone Manor Estate